Field Trials Services SL

Who we are


Established in Seville, in 2014, Field Trials Services (FTS AgroConsulting) has been set up to offer a service line of high-quality on biological and environmental data. FTS AgroConsulting is committed to reach all targets of ready final reports. The information process between FTS AgroConsulting and our customers is to be of the best quality and reability, meeting their requirements during the whole study from beginning to end. That way our sponsors will achieve their objectives and a complete satisfaction.


Our people love what they do. That’s what makes our philosophy great. Our works are always responsible and take ownership of our actions.

Manuel Vargas, (1974), since 1998 has been closely linked to agrochemicals Research and Development, something which has enabled him to gain extensive valuable experience in this sector. Due to ongoing changes in the industry, he has kept updated nonstop to expand his knowledge as far as the new lines of biological products are concerned.

People who know Manolo occupationally claim that he is passionate and knowledgeable about the subject.

- Manolo what would you do if you didn’t work in FTS AgroConsulting? I’d just create another company like it.

Jose Manuel Peña, (1975), has been working on this sector for more than 15 years. He has gathered a wide experience on microorganism biocontrol as he was principal R&D investigator on registration of Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma viride and Beauveria bassiana. He has massive experience on bioagents.

People who know Peña occupationally claim that he is a methodical person and a great observer.

- Peña what would you do if you didn’t work in FTS AgroConsulting? I’d like to work in this sector abroad.

Antonio Ruíz, (1996), began his career in 2018  in the FTS AgroConsulting after studing a master's course of Plant Health in University of Sevilla, then of this, he focus his career on field trials techniques and knowledge of local agricultural crops and cropping practices , where he has accumulated a great experience in the most common crop protection of cereals and vegetable crops .

People who know Antonio say that he is a  methodical person and perfectionist person. He hard worker and is very disciplined person that creates great admiration from his colleagues.

- Antonio, what would you do if you didn’t work in FTS AgroConsulting? I’d try to continue growing in the sector.

Facundo Medrano, (1988), started his professional career on 2012 developing his PhD in Universidad Nacional del Litoral, where he investigated the mechanisms of genetic manipulation methods in plant variety improvement programmes.. During this period, he has gathered experience on development trials.

People who occupationally know Facu claim that he is a persevering people, he always wants to learn more and progress in what he is doing. He is also a team player.

- Facu, what would you do if you didn’t work in FTS AgroConsulting? I’d be an impotant CRO consultant.